Textured Indian Floral


Textured Indian Floral Textile

I create most of my patterns in Adobe Illustrator. The motifs may be photographed, scanned, hand painted in watercolour or drawn on my iPad, but I almost always vectorise them and set the repeat in Illustrator. The reason for this is that doing it this way I make sure that the artwork is infinately scalable, easily editable (if you buy this pattern and want to print it in a different format, say 32x64cm, you can alter the size of the artboard and move the artwork around to fit your needs) and very easy to re-colour. With designs I sell on Patternbank I also provide at least one Photoshop file that has been colour separated.

This pattern is a traditional stylised floral with a rustic textured look. It has eight Pantone colours and I think it would be very suitable for Christmas and the winter holiday season.