The amazing versatility of WeaveUp

If you haven’t discovered WeaveUp yet I highly recommend that you take a look. There are many sites on the web where you can order custom printed fabrics, but I have never found another that is quite like WeaveUp. The most unique thing about it is the editing feature. You can fully customise a design to suit your needs, resize, recolour and create your own collections of matching patterns.


Weaveup – edit design view


As a designer it means that I can upload a design and customers can edit it themselves. They can try out different colour palettes and combinations until they are happy and order the fabric they need at the size they want for their project.


Colour variations created with the WeaveUp editing tool.


Apart from anything else it’s great fun to create new and sometimes very unexpected colour combinations! If you are a crafter, Etsy creative or small business owner I highly recommend that you check it out. It may revolutionise how you source your materials.

The design featured here is my Happy Ditsy Paisley, why don’t you pop over to WeaveUp and have a play with it. I would love to see what palette variations you can come up with!