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Crafting Nature’s Beauty into Timeless Patterns

My name is Marit Cooper and I’m an artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer. I create prints and seamless pattern repeats using a combination of traditional and digital media. The marriage of tradition and technology allows me to breathe new life into timeless designs and infuse them with the organic beauty of the natural world. Through rich earthy colours, intricate details, and the interplay of line and texture I aim to convey the enduring human spirit to find joy in life’s simple pleasures, and the profound connection to the Earth that sustains us.

My decorative designs are a celebration of the wonders of nature, a tribute to history and an expression of my longing for a simple sustainable life. “Undaunted” because I have faith in creativity as a source for good, “Design” because beautifully designed products can add a profound joy to everyday life.

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