Let us remain calm and in good spirits

My name is Marit Cooper and I am an artist, illustrator and surface pattern designer living in the UK. In my work I find inspiration in the timeless beauty of historical patterns and the rich tapestry of traditional artisanal techniques. I experiment with different approaches to mark making; watercolour, gouache, monoprints and linocuts. Through rich earthy colours, intricate details, and the interplay of line and texture I aim to convey the enduring human spirit, the resilience to find joy in life’s simple pleasures, and the profound connection to the Earth that sustains us.

When I was planning to separate my decorative design practise from my illustration work I had to come up with a domain name that embodied what I was aiming to create. “Undaunted” because I have faith in creativity as a source for good, “Design” because beautifully designed products add to the joy of everyday life. I feel a deep connection to the way our ancestors decorated even the most mundane objects. Such frivolities made sense in a world where each wooden spoon carved, earthenware plate glazed and quilted bedspread lovingly stiched was made to last. It made sense to equip yourself with items that could be mended, cared for and often handed down to younger generations.

Today we are beginning to recognise the folly of inbuilt obsolesence and fast fashion. Print on demand seems like a more sustainable model where surplus stock doesn’t end up in landfill or polluting our oceans just because no one wanted to buy it. There are few perfect solutions to the mess we find ourselves in right now, but as a collective we are waking up and many are actively working on materials and production methods that will revolutionise the way we live and work. I would love to work with brands that are doing just that, pushing ahead at the forefront of sustainable and environmentally sound technologies.

If you would like to collaborate or commission me to create original artwork for your business please use the contact form below to tell me a little bit about your company and the type of artwork you are looking for. Alternatively you can email me at hello@undaunted.design.