My Studio


I grew up in a family with deep roots in the business of printing and manufacturing all kinds of paper goods, from sweet wrappers and boxes to books. The family business started out in the late 19th century as a book binding company and gradually evolved to adapt to the changing times, using new techniques and launching new products.

My great grandmother sometimes supplemented their income with various creative side hustles, like making alternative health products. The most famous being the “Galvanic belt – From a Japanese Patent!” hand stitched on her pedal sewing machine with copper plates in linen fabric and packed in beautiful boxes made in “the factory” as it was referred to. Hey, we all do what we need to survive, right? If she had lived today she would have been all over Etsy and eBay!

As a child I got to spend time with my father in the darkroom where he worked, helping him retouch the negatives and watching him create lithographic plates. I can still remember the acrid smell of chemicals in there, the big light table, the Agfa boxes.

Growing up it was always assumed that I was going to be a professional artist, although the route here has been anything but smooth or easy. But that’s my flavour; it’s in my nature to look at things deeply and process them through imagination and a cross pollination of ideas and influences. 

I love working to briefs and project guidelines. I love, love, love working with art directors who crack the whip and force me to funnel this force of nature that is creative imagination into something usable and fit for purpose.